Monday, March 19, 2012

the los angeles river

Boy oh unexpected adventure swept me away from blogging the past 3 months and to readers I apologize.  An apology as well to my suffocating creative half who has taken a backseat to an intensely regimented photography 'boot camp.'
But all is for the best.  As creative expression takes a breather in the corner, germy, estudiante de foto, comes alive and soaks up the knowledge around him, gorging on hoards of text and hydrating with visual concepts.

My focused field of work made a drastic transition 3 months ago as the new year began.  Not to say that I really had a true field of work in mind; as an amature photographer I bit at any opportunity there was...but taking photo's for the film industry was the last place I saw myself by far!

Alas, a break in filming for a week allows me time to catch up on missed sleep.  Feeling recovered and surprisingly finding myself in the mood to actually shoot outside of work, I bring you photo's from my latest adventure: beautiful in it's own special way, The Los Angeles river, downtown LA section


Summer is just around the corner and I'm hoping to put together another great one of beach destinations, interviews and photo's of everything going on here for SoCal 2012!

Enjoy the photo's and stay tuned for my latest SoCal adventure!

Thanks for reading!

                 - j

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