Saturday, January 28, 2012

lense elevation: downtown la at night

A true staple of accomplishing dreams, I have truthfully wanted these shots since I first started free-running through the downtown streets of LA.  Like a gazelle in a free, wide-open expanse of landscape, I treat every obstacle the city throws in my path as a personal challenge to conquer.

If I don't dominate that 10 ft. gap/ winding staircase/ raised flower pot/ gorilla jump over ever trash can today....than by the will of man, I will certainly dominate you tomorrow!

One of my many goals to conquer has been to climb atop the beautifully seducing rooftops of LA's famous downtown skyline.........undetected!  Now although the roof of the luxurious Biltmore Hotel isn't exactly the tallest structure around, I saw an opportunity to climb on-top of a roof, so climb I did.

Steadily ascending, floor by floor via a sketchy fire escape, I reached my destination in stealth with camera in tow.

LA's downtown rooftops 0:  Germ the worm: 1  mark it!


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          - j

Sunday, January 8, 2012

w(o/a)ndering through hollywood blvd. and the walk of fame

Hollywood, California.  One of the most iconic 'cities' in America, and even the world.  A city that, before moving to beautiful Southern California, I must admit I was not the biggest fan of...I associated Hollywood with reality tv, and if you know me (or want to know me) than you should know, 'reality tv' is near the top of my list of great annoyances.  But alas, I did not come here to hate or judge, I'm here to record.  To document all the various aspects of Human Civilization and Culture.

Experiencing this touristy type adventure as a local has opened my eyes to the truly dynamic industry that is simply, Hollywood.  
Movies, music, television.  We grow up with our favorites and relate to their characters, their stories and their lessons.  It's undeniable that the time we spend being entertained influences the way we live our lives.  We dream of being heroes, and living the life of a princess.  We even develop love crushes on the fabricated characters actors play (lindsay lohan i love you!).
Yes, there is a ton, and I mean a ton, of garbage in the entertainment industry.  Most of it stems from the minds of individuals too lazy to create truly original works.

Thought provoking Art, with a capital A, deserves respect and the Walk of Fame along Hollywood Blvd. provides these entertainers a double heaped-up helping of R-E-S-P-E-C-T!  To the creative Actors/Actresses, Directors, Producers, Musicians, and Comedians:  Thank You for your works of Art!

I perused Hollywood Blvd. for the better part of an entire afternoon snappin photo's of all the stars I've grown up with / heard about and know enough to respect / just plain love!

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           - j