Monday, November 14, 2011

union station: a day in black & white

I have been dying to shoot this for months.  Every morning I lace up my kicks and head out for a morning run through the beautiful downtown streets of LA.  I have put together a solid free-running route that really gets me ready for the day.  Running, jumping and spinning off ledges, walls and anything else I can find, the city's streets are my playground.

One particular morning a few months back, before I perfected my route, I ran out my building with no particular direction in mind...thats when I stumbled upon the uniquely aesthetic, beautifully historic staple of Los Angeles transportation, Union Station.

Located a few blocks northeast of downtown LA, Union Station is so much more than just a rail station.  It centrally connects all the corners of some of the most famous geographic area's in the world.  Union Station offers it's passengers something we as Americans value above almost everything else...freedom.

hollywood, venice beach, santa monica, santa barbara, san diego, huntington beach, downtown LA, beverly hills, the oc, newport beach and the list goes on.  All of Southern California is accessible from Union Station and that is a beautiful thing.  

After stumbling upon this gem, I starting planning my return, and this time I would be prepared with my canon rebel xs.  

I envisioned all the various aspects that make up Union Station painted in a thick coat of Black & White.  The scenes were so vivid in my eyes, I knew that when I returned to shoot the album, it was going to be a success.

Opting once again to leave my car parked in the garage, I hopped on the subway just outside my building, and began my mission to bring to life all the photographic visions I had bouncing around my head.  A day in Black &White was underway!

Plans for SoCal's 'Union' Station began as early as 1915.  However, due to disagreements over the site location and project financing, its construction was delayed until 1934 and was finally completed 5 years later in 1939.  

This blog is about my adventures throughout Southern California.  The land of endless summers, and the place where life's dreams come to flourish and grow.  Now while I do love my car, I see SoCal's Union Station becoming more and more apart of my adventures in the future.

for more information on LA's beautiful Union Station check out it's amazing history or just come and experience it for yourself!

Thanks for reading!

             - j

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