Monday, October 17, 2011

my serious adventure to the beautiful campus of ucla! part 2 of 3

UCLA's Royce Hall
Hello and welcome to Part 2 of My Serious Adventure to the Beautiful Campus of UCLA!  While my morning was full of dead batteries, closed banks and a reluctant stop at The Stray Cat Cafe (which turned out to be the best breakfast I'd had in some time).  I had an afternoon reservation with LA's public transportation system.

In my opinion, Los Angeles has a great system.  Multiple 'Metro' lines (under/above-ground train/subway thing) connect all the corners of the city, while various bus lines (rapid, express, downtown etc.) connect to the local areas of the t-m-z (tmz stands for thirty-mile-zone, basically the radius of LA).  However, despite LA's ( take this next bit with a grain of salt, because traffic here is still just awful...) efficient public transportation system, I usually elect to take my car on these various adventures of mine.  Why?  I guess I'm just American and I love to drive my car.  I waited my whole life to own a car I love, and I love my bmw 330i, simple!

But I've also been itchin to jump on the bus or train!  $1.50 per destination or $5 for an all day pass and thats it.  No worrying about traffic, dealing with other crazy drivers, but best of all, no stressing about parking!  Parking space is a huge issue in this town and it can be very expensive to pay for parking to go to the simplest of places sometimes.  And even better, I live in the heart of downtown so any train or bus I need to catch is just blocks away.

To get to UCLA (about 15 miles west) I only had to take 1 bus, 2 blocks from my apt. and it runs every 10 minutes.  I stepped on the bus, paid my $1.50 and went on the prowl for an empty window seat.  It was one of those huge double-length buses so it took awhile to reach the back.  And what do I see when I get there?  Ugh, no window seats!

I sit down and across from me are three older gentlemen holding what appeared to be a conversation, in Spanish.  I did my best to translate, but the one guy that was talking the most was difficult to understand.  I couldn't figure out why none of his words were making sense, I mean usually I can pick out a few words from my limited Spanish vocabulary!  It was then that I noticed the open 16oz. beer he was holding  :)  Ohh boy, drunk on da bus!

The one guy keeps 'talking' as the other two listen and occasionally nod their heads.  The next stop, this drunk guy stumbles to his feet, slaps hands with the two others and steps off with his beer.  I am glued to the two other guys for their reaction and I couldn't help but smile!  They looked at each-other like, "whaaaaaaaaaaa??!"  and started spouting off something about how drunk and crazy this other guy was.  I could only understand the jist of their conversation, but they were definitely having a good laugh about how wasted and incoherent he was!  They saw me chuckling too, but didn't seem to mind  :)

Feeling nice and full from breakfast, and now getting a good laugh in on the bus, it was only fitting that the day was going to get better...on the next stop this double-length bus full with people completely cleared out.  I got my window seat after just 2 stops and according to google maps, I still had an hour to get all my bus photos before we arrived at UCLA, yes!

Stay tuned for the Final Chapter:  Part 3 of My Serious Adventure to the Beautiful Campus of UCLA.  Photo's of campus and Interviews with locals & students 

Part 3  UCLA Campus

Thanks for reading!

                - j

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