Saturday, October 15, 2011

my serious adventure to the beautiful campus of ucla! part 1 of 3

UCLA's Royce Hall
This saturday started out like any other.  Planning my rare 'day off' I decided to venture out on LA's public transportation system and caught the downtown bus to UCLA's campus on the west side, towards the pacific ocean.  All packed with supplies & camera, I was headed for the bus when I remembered that my little Canon Rebel XS is totally dead from my last photo session walking around SoCal's other big University, USC.  I figure I'll let the battery charge while I grab some breakfast...but first I need to grab some cash...

Through a long and pretty boring series of events, I've been without a debit card for about 5 months.  So when I need cash I talk to a teller inside the bank.  But it turns out the bank I go to (where I promised the teller Cynthia I would finally open a California account at) is closed all day saturday!  C'mon Cynthia, killin me!  Too lazy to trek to the next closest bank for cash, (plus I needed to get to UCLA by mid-day for my best shot at interviews!) I decide $9.57 cash will do for todays adventure...

The Stray Cat Cafe, dtla

So I head back home, searching for any place I can get breakfast with a credit card on the way (not many choices downtown!).  The only place I could think of was the Stray Cat Cafe.  A cafe I have been completely intrigued and curious about because it looks so tasty and its right across from my apt.  But a cafe I have been totally avoiding because when I first started Germy-in-SoCal @StrayCatCafe began following me on twitter one day...I was so excited to have this random cafe across the street that liked my blog about SoCal!!  Then, the next day, they un-followed weak!

But, due to the circumstances, I could avoid the Stray Cat Cafe no more.  I walked in and sat down at a great raised table facing the busy intersection of 5th and spring.  Oh the women that walked past this window seat! They were enough to make me love the Stray Cat Cafe already!  Things got even better as I noticed the wait staff was full of cute girls too!

I ordered an orange juice and 3 blueberry pancakes.  The orange juice was the freshest, most satisfyingly orange beverage I've ever tasted.  And the blueberry pancakes!  Each cake was perfectly warm, and perfectly sized.  The blueberries were warm and plump with blueberry juiciness!  And they gave me more maple syrup than I knew what to do with!

Needless to say, the breakfast was so deliciously scrumptious, it inspired me to split this post into 3 parts, and turn a simple saturday tour of UCLA into My Serious Adventure to the Beautiful Campus of UCLA!  I hope you have enjoyed part 1; stay tuned for part 2, a hysterical bus ride across Los Angeles,

Part 2, squint hard enough and see me sitting in the back window!

and finally part 3, photo's and interviews straight from UCLA!

Part 3 Coming Soon!
And to you. @StrayCatCafe...even though you un-followed me...I love your cafe!  Great work, I love having places like you downtown.  I will be back soon  :)

Thanks for reading!

              - j

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