Saturday, September 24, 2011

the venice canals

Photography has led me down so many different paths in my life, all of which have taught me some valuable lessons.  Passion is passion and my love for photography has always had deep roots.  Its photography that inspires me to search and discover all the beautifully diverse surroundings of SoCal.  Its photography that leads me to create and build new relationships.  And its photography that allows me to continually re-invent myself over and over and over again.

It was photography that led me to a studio right off the beach in Venice, California.  On my way to a meet-and-greet to book an assisting gig with an established photographer in the area, I stumbled upon the quietly hidden 'Venice Canals.'

Hello and welcome once again to another wonderfully superb post from Germy-in-SoCal.  The happy, worry free days of summer are nearing their end, but my passion for exploration doesn't seem to be fading as usual.  Usually, as fall and winter approach and the weather begins to cool, I've packed away the hiking gear and begin to prepare for winter hibernation.  But now that I'm living the life of a Southern Californian, I'm not too sure what to expect as far as 'winter.'

What I do know is that the continually bright, sunny days of Los Angeles have prevented my hibernation mode from being activated and I have no plans to perform any manual override.

A beautiful gem, this aesthetically unique neighborhood is modeled after the famous canals of the Italian city of Venice and rests in the heart of the city.  Incredibly affluent homes line the canals, many with personal mini-docks for their canoes, paddle boats, and the occasional little dingy.  While I didn't catch anyone rowing or paddling their way through the channels, I couldn't help but daydream over the romanticism a setting such as this presents.

The depth peaks around 5---6 ft. in the center of the Canals, and there's just enough room to sneak under the bridges if your standing up

With this lingering purpose to explore, maybe its not quite time to stop documenting my adventures just yet...

Thanks for reading!

         - j

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