Thursday, August 4, 2011

oceanside beach in the oc for some halftime r&r!

Summer 2011!  A fantastical dream come to life as I savor each and every moment I have here on the beaches of Sunny SoCal.  Doing the math, you may have noticed the 12 weeks of California Dreamin' are halfway over...To celebrate I accepted an invitation to join friends and acquired family in their annual trip to a campground near Oceanside, California.  3 days of Rest & Relaxation on our beachfront campground  :)  Food, alcohol and the luscious escape of California's beautifully tropical greens!  

To spend this time with my lifelong best friend Ryan was truly a gift from above.  
We spent our time laughing, eating, drinking and getting into all types of mischief (in that order!).

  As the sun broke through the morning clouds of the Cali Coast, we grabbed our boogie boards and hit the waves!  Located just miles south of Huntington Beach, CA aka Surf City, USA... let's just say the waves were more than satisfactory!  
Tired from conquering the massive waves we took our leave from the water.  Walking 20 ft. to our beach chairs we spent a hefty portion of our time neck twisting.  California Girls never fail to amaze and impress.  The Bikini's patrolling the sand made this trip one to remember!

3 days away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Los Angeles was a much needed break.  I road a bike (with pedals!) for the first time in years!  (Hey, gimme a break, I'm a runner).  I even finished my latest Huxley novel Island  :) Overall I thoroughly enjoyed my Summer 2011 Halftime Break!  Stay tuned for the next 6 weeks here on Germy-in-SoCal, they will be 6 weeks to remember!

Thanks for reading!

               - j

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