Tuesday, August 23, 2011

finding yourself in san buenaventura, california!

View from Ventura Pier

I have spent the last few weekends of my 2011 SoCal Beach Tour travelling south of Los Angeles.  Exploring and relaxing at some of the most well known beaches in the World.  Long Beach, Huntington beach, San Diego, Newport Beach.  Huntington and Newport x3...each!  It was time to head north up California's famous Highway 101.

A stunningly beautiful drive met me as I departed the urban jungle that is the City of Angels.  Coming from the gridlocked streets of LA traffic and its endless sea of metal, rubber and cement into the lush greenery of the Pacific Coast is indescribable.  So I'll let the photo's do what my words fail to capture.

Ventura is one of California's original surfing towns after the sport was brought over from the Hawaiian Islands in the early 1900's.  I saw about a dozen longboard surfers out on my stroll past the pier.  They were out past 'C' Street (California Street) which is where the best waves break.  

San Buenaventura was a relaxing day of SoCal sun, a nice simple stroll along its all too Pacific sand, and a reminder that the beaches of California are as diverse as the people that call this Land of The Endless Summer their home.  

Only a few short weeks remain here on Germy-in-SoCal, stay tuned for the last few stops on the tour  :)

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            - j

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