Sunday, July 10, 2011

let's take it back...missed interviews from the july 4th weekend!

July 4th, 1776...Independence Day for the United States of America.  As a history nerd I have a special place inside reserved for this holiday.  So I was in an especially bubbly mood as I scanned the beaches of Venice, California for some other smiling faces to interview.

My first group of willing participants:  (from left to right)  Katie, Ally & Alex from Wisconsin!

Katie                             Ally                            Alex
"Ok!  So my name is Jeremy, as you see on the card is says Germy.  When I was a kid alot of my friends couldn't pronounce my whole name correctly, all they could spit out was Germy and the name kinda stuck!  So about 6 months ago after graduation I moved out to Los Angeles and I've been here ever since!  So I'm here talking to people about their different experiences in Southern California, and I'm interested in why California is so special.  You guys all moved out here and I'd be interested to know, what brought you guys out here?"

Katie:  "TV and Film Production"

Ally:  "Yea, she and I both are in that"

"Ok, cool!  And thats what you guys went to school for in Wisconsin?"

Katie:  "uhh I did.  I went to school for journalism and film"

Ally:  "I did Journalism and History!"

"Journa...HISTORY!  History major!  I went to school for secondary education so..."

Ally:  "Cool!  And then he went to school for education.  Thats my husband, thats why he's here!"

"I see, so he just followed you here! Alright."

"So what was it about the film industry that you interested in?"

Katie:  "Well what do you mean?  Like what part of it do I wanna work in?"

"yea, exactly.  I guess...did you being interested in it for school...did you know eventually that you were gonna have to come out to California to do something with it?"

Katie:  "Initially, no.  But I had an internship my Jr. year where I went out to New York working at a production company in Brooklyn so I was hoping I could move to New York after graduation and everybody in New York that I was working for moved back to LA.  So it's kinda just where everything is happening, where all the jobs are."

"What have you been able to find job wise?"

Katie:  "umm I came out here with an internship at a production company, and its paid though so... I actually brought my...I work from home, I have a design job that I started up out in Wisconsin and I still do it here.  SO I don't have anything full-time out here...I haven't even started looking, so I'm starting that right now!"

"Ok, so you guys had come out, you said for film and production?  What had originally gotten you interested in that?  Was it a movie that you saw?"

Ally:  "Umm nothing particularly specific, but I'm just a really really huge television nerd!  I watch alot of TV.  Like Sci-fi and lots of other sh*t (laughing!).  So that was pretty much it, I just like to do it, I watch alot of TV."

"What specifically?  Do you produce?  Do you direct, do you write?"

Ally:  "I of now I do nothing!  But I'd probably be most interested in production."

"ok, so bringing all those different things together, networking with people..."

Ally:  "Yea!"

"And you said that you had just followed her?"

Alex:  "Pretty much!  I just got my degree in music education, and uh we got married a year ago and she wanted to come here so..."

"Alright well I appreciate the time you guys gave me, I'll have the interview up in the next few days!  Thanks guys!"

Katie:  No problem, glad we could help out!"


My Second Group of Willing Participants    Interview #2

visitantes de EspaƱa
These guys were just about ready to take off as I approached them for an interview.  I wasn't even able to pull out my recorder to get their responses on tape!  So I had to resort to relying on my stellar memory!  I wasn't even able to catch their names, but I did grab an interesting foreign perspective about California...

These Spaniards were not impressed by the glitz and glamour that is all but promised in a trip to SoCal.  The girl closest to the camera complained,

"its just dirtier than I had expected!  Hollywood is not anything like you see on tv!  The water here is very cold, I didn't expect that!"

It was funny she mentioned the water, because that day was the first day the water had been warm enough for me to actually get in up to my waist!

As a group they explained to me that the beaches of Southern Spain are much more desirable.

Well I suppose not everyone is as taken by the beauty of SoCal as I am!  Thank you for a foreign perspective Spaniards, and hopefully you will enjoy the rest of your time here  :)

      - j

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