Saturday, June 18, 2011

venice beach has 'socal' written all over it!

Hello readers!  Welcome once again to another captivating post from Germy-in-SoCal  :)   Do you see what the date is?  It is June 18th 2011.  We are just 3 short days from the beginning of what is sure to be a very special SUMMER!  To spend a Summer on the beaches of Sunny Southern California is quite simply my childhood California Dreamin'.  I made my attempts to land a bachelor pad in the Santa Monica/Venice Beach area with no luck.  But I am content with the downtown location I have here in Los Angeles.  On a traffic free drive, the beach is a mere 15 minutes drive west on highway 10 (aka Santa Monica Freeway, aka Route 66 hello abq!)

Itching for a reason to head to the beach, I grabbed my camera and justified my Venice trip with a photo session!  I stopped off at the local shop to grab a beach chair and I was on my way.  Parking was simple enough, but $9 bucks?!  C'mon man, you guys want me to pay the price of a meal just to park?  Well anyway, it was almost worth it as the parking lot is honestly 5 full length strides to the beautiful sandy ocean beach.  I posted up near the water for about an hour, watchin pretty women pass by, scoping surfers to see if they were talented enough to merit some photo's (they weren't) and soaking up some california sun.  
Then, I suddenly found myself face down in a steadily growing puddle of slobber!  I had fallen victim to the laid-back, free-flowin sounds of the soft, gentle waves of the pacific  :)  A nap at the beach is a luxury I plan to fall victim to more than once this summer, and indeed in this lifetime.  Feelin that familiar growl in my belly, I packed up my spread, wiped the hard earned drool from my face and headed towards the very unique 'hustle and bustle' that is the Venice, California.  On my way I noticed some Public Tagging going on!
In Venice artists come to these walls daily to express emotion, display skill or just to pass the time.  The tagging is actually encouraged by the City and artists only need to apply for a simple permit to go about their business.  As you can see, taggers are continuously covering and re-covering one anothers art.  If a visit to Venice beach is in your future, check out these artists in action daily!

Right across from these taggers there was another group of artists.  But these artists weren't writing on they walls, they were riding them...  

The atmosphere of this Venice skate park was incredible.  Without having to hear anyone say a word, the entire vibe of the park just screamed I AM CALIFORNIA.  It was a community of like-minded artists who twist, bend, jump and roll on the bumps, dips and edges of their own unique canvas.  It was a beautiful sight to see and something I highly recommend experiencing, the Venice Beach skatepark.  These athletic artists know the park well too.  They recognize how to share the canvas, where to perform for the best photographs and how to get the crowd involved.   

Overall, Venice Beach, California definitely has 'SoCal' written all over it.  People are easy-going, willing to talk openly and are out to enjoy the sun like everyone else.  You can find Venice Beach...

-just south of Santa Monica, California at the end of Highway 10, The Santa Monica freeway or Route 66 whichever you prefer to call that famous stretch of road!  
-It is also right off of Highway 1 aka the beautiful Pacific Coast Highway PCH

Venice Beach foot traffic

Famous Venice Beach Basketball Courts

Famous Muscle Beach in Venice, California

it looked like it might make a decent photo...

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