Monday, May 9, 2011

l.a. i love you! angels knoll edition

Walking around downtown, you will find yourself running into city gems around almost every corner. Yesterday, the gem I stumbled upon was Angels Knoll located near 4th and Hill. The park was a beautiful coming together of city and country. People were relaxing in the shade, taking refuge from the unusually hot spring day in LA. The views of blooming trees, pink, purple, and green against the gleaming glass windows of downtown skyscrapers; it was beautiful! And there is free wifi to boot!

Look closely and you can see the plaque dedicated to the film (500) Days of Summer on the back of this bench

Angels Knoll is also home to the famous view from the movie (500) Days of Summer. I watched this film a few moths ago and its a great movie. I had no idea the view from the movie was in Los Angeles so imagine my excitment when I stumbled upon the view with my own eyes by acciddent! I look forward to finding more city gems as I continue to explore the streets of DTLA! LA I Love You!

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            - j

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