Saturday, April 16, 2011

california girls

April 15th, 2011

     Emily                               Mackenzie                   Madelyn

-A beautiful Friday afternoon in Santa Monica, California.  The temperature hovered around 76F and the sand was warm as it slid over my feet and through my toes.  A cool breeze swept in off the waves of the Pacific, indicating that summer is indeed around the corner!  Since launching Germy-in-SoCal nearly 2 weeks ago, I was in search of my second story to post.  I had originally planned to explore this idea of "California Girls" a little closer to the official start of summer, but the conditions of the moment were forcing me to think like a journalist and seize the opportunity in front of me!  The opportunity you ask?  I'll call to your attention to photo #1!  From left-to-right we have my lovely interviewee's;  Emily from NorCal, Mackenzie from Seattle, WA, and Madelyn also from NorCal.

Madelyn                 Mackenzie                    Emily

-These 3 UCLA students were more than happy to offer up some Local Opinion about what is means to be a California Girl.  Their only question for me when I inquired about the interview?  "Do we have to move?"  laughing I replied, "no, no of-course not!  Right here is perfect!"  Before starting in with the questions I had for the girls, they politley asked me for my story first.  So I explained my recent college graduation, my recent move to Los Angeles, and finally what my blog is about.  What followed was an easy-going, healthy conversation of about 20 minutes.  Here are some of the topics we discussed--> Full Article

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