Saturday, April 16, 2011

california girls

April 15th, 2011

     Emily                               Mackenzie                   Madelyn

-A beautiful Friday afternoon in Santa Monica, California.  The temperature hovered around 76F and the sand was warm as it slid over my feet and through my toes.  A cool breeze swept in off the waves of the Pacific, indicating that summer is indeed around the corner!  Since launching Germy-in-SoCal nearly 2 weeks ago, I was in search of my second story to post.  I had originally planned to explore this idea of "California Girls" a little closer to the official start of summer, but the conditions of the moment were forcing me to think like a journalist and seize the opportunity in front of me!  The opportunity you ask?  I'll call to your attention to photo #1!  From left-to-right we have my lovely interviewee's;  Emily from NorCal, Mackenzie from Seattle, WA, and Madelyn also from NorCal.

Madelyn                 Mackenzie                    Emily

-These 3 UCLA students were more than happy to offer up some Local Opinion about what is means to be a California Girl.  Their only question for me when I inquired about the interview?  "Do we have to move?"  laughing I replied, "no, no of-course not!  Right here is perfect!"  Before starting in with the questions I had for the girls, they politley asked me for my story first.  So I explained my recent college graduation, my recent move to Los Angeles, and finally what my blog is about.  What followed was an easy-going, healthy conversation of about 20 minutes.  Here are some of the topics we discussed--> Full Article

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Monday, April 4, 2011

welcome to california!

Hello all!  As I made my drive into my new home in California, I had to grab a photo at the state line.  It was my understanding that once passing this sign I would immediatley find myself in the land of civil, pot smoking liberals.  However, as the past few weeks have taught me…California is an enormous state!  Its people are as diverse as any other.

My hypothesis is that as I make my way closer to the Pacific Ocean beaches, I will find a denser population of those easy-going, california locals we all know so much about!  But what is it about these beach communities that draws people to southern california?  This summer I intend to answer that question by touring all the beaches in the area, from beautiful Santa Barbara to sunny San Diego!